Developing the Work of Mary
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December 7, 19443 is considered the day of the Focolare Movement’s birth, because on that day Chiara Lubich “married God” by consecrating herself to Him forever.

But the Focolare foundress had also been known to say that another date for celebrating the Movement’s birth was her October 1939 visit to Loreto where, according to a tradition, the house of Nazareth is preserved. The family atmosphere that was lived in that family was a “calling” for Chiara; a calling to silently relive the family of Nazareth, the greatest mystery in history, the life of God amongst His people.

Many exceptional discoveries followed upon that moment. But Chiara was never alone in these discoveries: Natalia Dallapiccola, Giosi Guella, Marilen Holzhauser, Graziella De Luca, Vale e Angelella Ronchetti, Dori Zamboni, Gis e Ginetta Calliari, Silvana Veronesi, Lia Brunet, Palmira Frizzera, Bruna Tomasi . . . and a few years later, Marco Tecilla, Aldo Stedile, Antonio Petrilli, Enzo M. Fondi, Pasquale Foresi, Giulio Marchesi, Piero Pasolini, Oreste Basso, Vittorio Sabbione . . . these were the first of many other who would follow Chiara. The personal lives of these men and women who followed the path opened by Chiara show how necessary each of them was to God’s plan in bringing about the Movement and its structures, as the charism took flesh. It couldn’t have happened in any other way for a charism characterized by a unity that is an expression of life of the Trinity. These companions were people from very diverse backgrounds and professions, all guided by the same voice to place their talents at the service of others.

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50th anniversary of the Focolare in Africa
Monday, February 11, 2013 |
Shisong, Cameroon: thousands of people gathered to remember the story of 50 years of Fraternity. Gratitude towards those who started it and new horizons.
Klaus Hemmerle: Spiritual Thoughts
Thursday, October 4, 2012
Discovering the presence of Christ in our neighbour with the help of the spiritual depth of a German theologian who was Bishop of Aachen.
Valeria Ronchetti: “Fire and Light”
Tuesday, August 28, 2012
Valeria Ronchetti (Vale) passed away on Sunday 26 August 2012. She had been a member of the initial group that were directly involved with Chiara Lubich in the birth of the Focolare Movement. Her funeral was held on 29 August 2012 at the Mariapolis Centre in Castelgandolfo, Italy and will be transmitted live via the Internet.