foto di cpkatie: Rainbow A person’s life shouldn’t be compartmentalized, though it often is. No double, triple, quadruple lives. No different compartments: when you’re with the family, at work or in your parish, at the sport center, school or university.

The “culture of unity”, born from the charism of unity can lead a person to the full realization of his human potential within the light of principles that are contained in the Gospel. This unitary way of living must obviously be reflected in each of the areas in which an individual person finds himself living and acting.

In 1968, Chiara Lubich wrote: “Love is light and, like a ray of light that passes through a drop of water, it unfolds into a rainbow of colors for us to admire. All the colors are light and they, in turn, divide into an infinity of shades. And just as a rainbow is red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet – Jesus’ life in us could be said to have different colors, to be expressed in various ways, each different from the other.

rosso«For example, love is communion, it brings us to communion.

Jesus in us, who is Love, could work communion.

arancioLove is never closed in on itself, it is diffusive by nature.

Jesus in us, Love, would irradiate love.

gialloLove elevates the soul.

Jesus in us would raise our soul to God; that’s what prayer is.

verdeLove heals.

Jesus, love in the heart, would be the health of our soul.

azzurroLove gathers people in assembly.

Jesus in us, since he is Love, would unite our hearts again.

indacoLove is a font of wisdom.

Jesus in us, Love, would illuminate us.

violettoLove brings the many into one; it is unity. Jesus in us would meld us into one.

These are the seven principle expressions of the love that we feel called to live, and this number seven signifies something infinite.

Daily Life

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My First Christmas

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Living the Gospel: Being a presence of Jesus

Living the Gospel: Being a presence of Jesus

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Chiara Lubich: The Family of Nazareth

Chiara Lubich: The Family of Nazareth

In order to come into the world, God chose a family. This would be enough to understand the irreplaceable nature of the social microcosm that has as an unattainable model the Family of Nazareth. From a talk by Chiara Lubich we can perceive a light for each of its components.