Mutual Love
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Chiara and her companions really discovered what the Gospel was when they took it with them into the air raid shelters and read it together, before then they hadn’t really known it: no-one had ever spoken to them so clearly. Jesus always acts from God. In return for the little you give him, He showers you with gifts. You are alone and you find yourself surrounded by thousands of mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and everything you need from God which then you can share with those who have nothing.

This was how their faith was strengthened, it was based on experience, that no human situation or difficulty could not find explicitly or implicitly an answer in that little book which gives the words of heaven.

The adherents of the growing Movement plunged themselves into living those words; they were nourished by them, re-evangelised and they experienced how what Jesus said and promised was unfailingly true. The discovery of the ‘new commandment’ inflamed them to the point that mutual love became their manner, their way of being. And it was the same love that attracted many people, of every age and social class to come to their gatherings. Loving each other reciprocally was not optional for them, but their way of life that had to be shown to the world.

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Daily Life
From Poland: “My first year at the Sophia University”
Tuesday, October 7, 2014
At 25 years, after her studies at the University of Economy of Poznan, Gosia enrolled at the Sophia Institute University (IUS). The 7th academic year will be celebrated on 20 October.
Family, an endless resource
Thursday, September 25, 2014 |
In view of the nearing Synod, Caritas internationalis and the Pontificate Council for Families is promoting the seminar "The Family, a resource to overcome the crisis." It is the story of Elisa and Gino Ferraro, promoters of a foundation that supports children in need.
Involvement in the Local Church
Tuesday, September 9, 2014
Two hundred young people from the Focolare's Parish Movement and Diocesan Movement meet in Benevento, Italy, from around the world for a week of sharing concrete experiences and involvement in the local Church.