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“But is it true that you lie here on earth? Not for always here! One moment on the earth, if it is jade, it breaks into pieces; if of gold it is destoryed; if feathers of quetzal, it is torn to peices. Not always here. One moment on the earth.” This was written by Netzahualcoyotl, King of Texcoco (1402-1472), and it reveals the great sense of the transcendent that characterized the early people of Mexico. The United States of Mexico, the country’s official name, is comprised of 31 federal states and a Federal District and extends over a vast area (1,972,550 Km2) to the south of USA and to the north of Guatemala. It is home to seventeen original ethnic groups representing 10% of teh total population: 112 million people. It is a country of contrasts. Modern metropolitan areas stand alongside marginalized regions (15 million of its citizens live in extreme poverty); vast expanses intended for cultivation, while thousands of peasants live on only a hectare of land. After 200 years of independence, Mexico is still in search of its identity, one that is an expression of the encounter of its ancestral cultural values with those values brought by Catholicism.

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