Architecture can also reflect sharing, dialogue and encounter among people.  In 2002, Dialogues in Architecture was launched to imagine, plan and create living spaces that reflect communion and reciprocity in the modern city.     

What began as a permanent laboratory for reflecting on topics concerning city planning, architecture and the relation between space and society, now engages architects, city planners, engineers, researchers and students who are in some way involved with the city and the territory, in an ongoing dialogue and study in the light of the inspirations Chiara Lubich.

The first sources of inspiration are the Focolare towns that have sprung up around the world: laboratories of social life, encounter between religion and culture and experimenting with new economic models and lifestyles based on sharing. They are also laboratories of the spirituality of unity, leaves a visible mark on the relation between construction and environment.

A Few Key Words:

Inhabit. Architecture and planning deal with issues related to building and living.

Locality. The role of an architect is to assist people in meeting the basic need to having a place to call home, a place of their own.

 Peripheries. The study and attention on the modern city, focuses attention on those parts of the city that are most affected by poverty, degradation, social marginalisation – and finds solutions so that allow all to enjoy equal living conditions.

 Participation. As part of a design method that gives strong attention to life that is regenerated and evolves with future generations, local citizens are guaranteed a listening, through a sort of pact among all those involved in the realization of the project.

 Dialogue. Like the poetic tension and relation between full and empty, colors and materials, light and darkness, earth and sky, landscape and settlement, internal and external spaces – it values the dialogic dimension, which is fundamental to life.

Dialogues in Architecture has promoted dialogue and discussions between students and projectors in Italy, Europe and around the world.

In 2006 it promoted the international seminar “Abitare la città” (Inhabit the City), June 9-11, 2006, Loppiano, Italy.

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