“Dialogues in Architecture” was launched in the spring of 2002.

It began with the idea of creating a permanent laboratory for reflecting on topics concerning city planning, architecture and the relationship between space and society. It consists of an international network of professionals, university professors, and students, who are in some way involved with the city and the territory. It promotes discussion, dialogue and in-depth study, in light of the intuitions and urgings of Chiara Lubich, founder of the Focolare Movement.

Knowing that architecture, too, is called to give life and visibility to forms of social coexistence marked by sharing and to “facilitate” dialogue and encounter between people, it is proposed as a place of cultural studies and civil and professional incentive to imagine, plan and create living spaces that reflect communion and reciprocity in the modern city for the benefit of a healthier and more liveable habitat.

At the centre is the attention to the problems of dwelling places, of peripheries, of all the many borderline situations and emergency conditions, with the shared objective of giving equal conditions of citizenship, in a continual exercise of openness to hope, through a participatory approach based on dialogue.


Dialogues in Architecture has hosted International Seminars,
workshops on cultural study and civil and professional incentive, opportunities for discussion among Universities, such as:

International Workshop on social architecture: Territorio al Límite: Ecuador.16 Desafìos sociales.   Quito, 9-13 November 2016.

It has incited debates on specific themes, participating at Seminars and Conferences

It has given life to new formats with current themes on which to consult one another which are becoming annual appointments, for example:
Itinerant Workshop 
HabitAndando  “Travel as a method, territory as a classroom” 14- 30 July 2017 “Inhabit the Memory – Innovating as you go” (Italy)

Interdisciplinary Workshop “IL VARCO”. Literature-cinema- architecture –music:  The Opera and the Limit”  Montefalcone (Italy), 24-30 July 2017


For more information:

International Secretariat of Dialogues in Architecture
via Piave,15
00046 Grottaferrata, Roma – ITALIA

Tel. +39-06-945407

Email: segr.architettura@focolare.org