Persons of no religious affiliation
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foto di bgblogging “Let’s unite our strengths, both those who are not particularly interested in faith and those who believe, because the Ideal of a humanity that is free and equal hastened by fraternal respect and mutual love’ is too beautiful and really necessary.” (Chiara Lubich)

In Italy, Europe and South America there are dialogue groups made up of a mix of people of those who have a faith and others with no particular religious affiliation. The members of these groups all have the desire to work together to create fraternity within the family of humanity. The dialogue serves to develop and deepen the promotion of human values shared through life and reflection referring to such themes as ‘laity and faith’ or other contemporary topics. Some people from the groups are involved in initiatives that are cultural or provide solidarity in some way for those in need.

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Daily Life
Italy:”The Visitor” Inspires Dialogue
Friday, February 14, 2014
Prato 2
Promoted by the Focolare Movement, a stage production of The Visitor by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt. Objective: to inspire dialogue on the fundamental questions of life within an atmosphere of mutual trust.
When dialogue leads to welcome
Tuesday, January 14, 2014
Piero Nuzzo _0608
The experience of a volunteer with no religious beliefs, in a rehabilitation centre for addicts, who has found in the dialogue that has matured within the Focolare environment, an instrument for welcoming the sufferings of the others.
Natalia Dallapiccola: A Biography
Sunday, November 10, 2013
She is known as the first to follow Chiara Lubich in the adventure of unity. Pioneer of the ideal of unity in the lands of Eastern Europe during the midst of the Cold War. Untiring promoter of interreligious dialogue of the Focolare Movement