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comunità in MessicoOnce, when Chiara Lubich was asked about the structure of the Movement, the foundress of the Focolare first wished to point out something: “Before speaking of the structure of the Movement,” she said, “of its branches, etc, I’d like to point out that we see the Movement as a single entity, as a  whole, an entity which first lives within itself the message that it then tries to bring to the world: unity. We are one and we feel that we are what we truly should be when we are one. John Paul II saw this in us when he said: “You are a people.” He was also referring to our number.

Though it is difficult to count the number of persons who have been touched by the ideal of unity also through the modern means of communication, it is true that entire mass movements have risen around those who are directly involved members of the Movement. Chiara Lubich explains it in this way: “Since every person, every category of people in the Movement, has something to spread through their life, life, we see a more vast crowd of people who have been drawn by their witness rising up around these more committed members.”

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