Youth for a United World at World Youth Day, Madrid

“We’ll see you in two months in Madrid!!!”is the title of the YUW blog, announcing four of the events of the rich and varied programme of Madrid 2011: two concerts by Gen Rosso, the adoration vigil – Get Together, and Life Love Light musical about the life of Chiara Luce Badano.

Below are listed a few open meetings, and the four events presented by youths of the Focolare, who are attending WYD with their respective diocese.

WYD 2011 – Madrid

  • Tuesday 16 August
    20:00 Opening of WYD – Holy Mass at Cibeles Square, Madrid
    22:00 Gen Rosso in Concert “INDELEBILE DIMENSION”. Pilar García Peña Auditorium (Pinar del Rey Park) – *
  • Wednesday 17 August
    10:00 Bishops’ Catechesis
    22:00 Musical “LIFE, LOVE, LIGHT” One of us. A life fulfilled. Chiara Luce Badano, beatifiedon 25 September 2010 by Benedict XVI.Pilar García Peña Auditorium (Pinar del Rey Park) – *
  • Thursday 18 August
    10:00 Bishops’ Catechesis
    12:00 Pope arrives at Barajas airport. Welcoming Ceremony.
    12:40 Pope’s entrance into Madrid. Arrival at the Nunciature.
    16:00 Welcoming Pope. Welcoming ceremony for the Holy Father.
    19:30 Youths welcome Pope in Cibeles Square.
    22:00 Gen Rosso in Concert “DIMENSIONE INDELEBILE”. Pilar García Peña Auditorium (Pinar del Rey Park) – *


  • Friday 19 August
    10:00 Bishops’ Catechesis
    11:30 Meeting with young consecrated religous Pope at El Escorial Monastary.
    Ore 12:00 Pope Meets at El Escorial Monastarywith 1, 000 young university professorsin the Basilica.
    19:30 Way of the Cross
    22:00 “Adoration – Get together”, Youth for a United World of the Focolare Movement.
    church of the Carmelite Fathers: Via Ayala, 35 (Madrid) Metro Velázquez – line 4 (15 minutewalk from where the Way of the Cross is held)

  • Saturday 20 August
    16:00 Preparations at Cuatro Vientos. Youths will begin to arrive at the aerodrome and take their seats. There will be activites on stage (testimoniesby youths, music, prayer, etc.).
    19:40 Visitto theSan José Institute Foundation.
    20:30 Prayer vigil with the Popein the Cuatro Vientos Aerodrome.
    23:00 Night at Cuatro Vientos

  • Domenica 21 agosto
    09:00 Pope arrives at Cuatro Vientos
    09:30 Sending out mass of theWYD
    17:30 Meeting of Pope with volunteers
    18:30 Farewell greeting from Pope


  • (*) HowtoreachAuditorium Pilar García Peña (Parque Pinar del Rey)
    Via: López de Hoyos c/v carretera de Canillas (Madrid)
    Metro: Pinar del Rey- linea 8 – Bus: 9, 72, 73

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