World Day of Prayer for Peace: Spirit of Assisi

27 October 2011
The Pope and the representatives of world religions will travel by train from Rome to the city of St. Francis, with moments of joint reflection and silent prayer, they will stop in Santa Maria degli Angeli and after a "frugal" lunch, will go on pilgrimage to the Basilica of St. Francis. The night before there will be a vigil in St. Peter's for the diocese of Rome, presided over by Benedict XVI.

“Pilgrims of truth, pilgrims of peace”

The Vatican Press Office released the preliminary program of the day that Benedict XVI and representatives of world religions will spend together in prayer in Assisi. The day was pre-announced by the Pope on January 1, speaking of the value of religious freedom to bring peace in the world.
Due to take place on 27 October this year, the Pope also wants to remember the 25 years since the first meeting in Assisi, called by Pope John Paul II.

The statement stresses also that non-religious people, committed to justice and peace in the world, will take part.

Click here to read the full text of the communiqué of the Vatican Press Office.

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