Daret- Hauer Depari

26 years of giving everything (9 December 2005)

Born of a Catholic father and Muslim mother in the Indonesian city of Medan, Hauer had three brothers. He was instructed in both religions and left free to choose the one he would practice. When he was 21 years old he decided to become a Catholic. He asked his close friend and schoolmate, Eletto, to be his godfather. Eletto was very invovled in the Gen Movement, the youth section of the Focolare.

Hauer himself soon became involved in the Gen life and he shared this in a letter he wrote to Chiara Lubich. In the letter he did not try to hide the difficulties in making such a radical choice, but he also declared to her that he was perpared to give withouth expecting something in return.

Chiara anwered his letter: “You’ve really understood the secret of true happiness: to always give!” And as an encouragement she suggested a name for him that would remind him of this discovery: “Daret,” from the Italian words for “Give everything.”

In April 2004, after graduating with good marks, Daret moved for one year to Switzerland, to stay at the international Gen School in Montet. It was a period of special light during which he came to be known for his simplicity that allowed him to build very deep relationships with many of the Gen at the school. He returned to Indonesia transformed: open, enthusiastic about everything, bursting with the joy of living!

God prepared him slowly for 3 December 2005. On that day in Medan, a meeting was scheduled for the Focolare community. Ako and Vanna had just arrived from Singapore to update the Indonesian community about their recent annual encounter with Chiara Lubich.

Ako recounts: “I telephoned him that morning. He told me he had to work, but that he would do everything he could in order to come. A few hours later the telephone rang and he informed me that he had received permission. . . he sounded like he was flying high. He was also pleased that his brother was coming along with him to the community meeting, as if this were some sort of  conquest.”

But Hauer never reached the meeting. Just as he was heading home on his motorbike to pick up his brother, suddenly another motorbike with a young couple and their son cut him off. In order not to harm them, Hauer made a desperate and fatal move. He immediately received assistance, but a few minutes later fell into a coma.

Immediately Gen from around the world were competing with each other in praying for him, and Chiara asked someone to inform him: “If he regains consciousness, give him my love. You know my predilection for the Gen!”

On the 9th of December Daret went to Heaven. In spite of their pain, all who knew him were convinced: He died as a true Gen, paying with his life for doing an act of love. Still today, the Indonesian Gen consider him a hero and his experience as the cornerstone for the development of the Focolare in their islands.



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