Marisa Baù: the search goes on

All work together locally to find new clues.

Marisa Baù, an Italian focolarina resident in Switzerland, is still missing. All sign of her was lost on 20 December 2011. In the last few weeks, the Swiss police from Fribourg have been involved. They are in touch with the Focolare Centre at Montet (Broye), in Switzerland, where Marisa has lived for more than 15 years, as well as with members of her family.

Locally there is a great deal of cooperation to find some clue that will lead to her being found. Her friends and colleagues regularly comb the area around Montet.

The alarm has been raised also among the Fribourg regional gamekeepers, hunting association, anglers, ramblers and birdwatchers. The numerous campsites around lake Neuchatêl have been informed as well.

The news, as is to be expected, has spread swiftly among everyone in touch with the Focolare, Marisa’s friends and all who know her. Official Focolare channels and social networks have begun a chain of communion and prayer which has the commitment to pass on any information useful to the search. ‘We are praying in Sweden too’; ‘We pray for her in Berazategui, Argentina’; ‘In Columbia we pray every day. We call upon heaven with faith!’; ‘Also from Spain we pray that she’ll be found’; ‘We miss you, aunt!’; ‘I pray that your guardian angel with be close to you and that you give us some sign to lead us to you’; ‘Marisa … you followed your star, you walked the streets of the world fulfilling the dream of your life: to serve your neighbour out of love. In this period we are the ones looking for a star to follow so we can find you.’ These are a few of the echoes received.

Marisa was an educator and in charge of Centre’s dressmaking studio. On 20 December she had just returned from a week’s work in Brazil. That morning she decided to go for walk in the countryside around Montet. She left at about 11 am and never returned. After an initial search during the lunch hour by people from the Centre the police were informed and, in the afternoon, dogs were brought in.

Notes on Marisa Baù

Born 12 May 1963, resident at Montet (Broye).


Light build, 1.63 metres, medium length wavy red hair, green eyes. Was wearing a black winter coat with hood, jeans, black pullover and bootlets. Speaks Italian and French. Please give any information as to her whereabouts to the Fribourg Canton Police on +41 (0) 26 305 17 17.

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