Brescia, “Spot, we are recording!”

600 youths have so far been involved in the project “Spot, we are recording! In CommunicAction”, by the Youths for a United World of Brescia.

4 of the 8 planned appointments have already been covered by the project regarding the languages of publicity communication.

So far in all, 600 youths have participated. After the introductory phase, developed through the analysis of both Italian and foreign spots and publicity campaigns, the project was continued with two investigative workshops: on the use of the female image in publicity (with psychologist Anna Granata and anthropologist Anna Casella) and on the influence of fashion on the behaviour of youths (with ballerina Liliana Cosi and psychologist Ezio Aceti).

In the fourth round, Raffaele Cardelli, publicist and expert in communication, and member of Net-One, took the youths-400 students of the superior institutes- through a profound analysis of the studies and mechanisms that are “behind the scenes” of a spot, revealing the strategies that are put in action to convince the receivers of the communication.

“We have entered the technical phase of the journey-commented one of those present-now we begin to have more elements with which to continue the work that awaits us”. “It is interesting and almost worrying to discover what lies behind a spot- continues another- I am getting to know these mechanisms so that I may have more critical sense, and be able to have an impact on our world!”

With this appointment, the project “Spot, we are recording!” has reached the halfway stage: from the technical analysis, the youths will go on, in the coming months, to pin pointing a real publicity campaign centred round social issues that are of particular relevance in their city (dependencies; man-woman relations; multiculturalism) that will be analysed, in confrontation with various spokespersons, also with representatives of the institutions and the local media. Then for each of the themes a spot will be made that evokes fraternity and that will constitute the conclusive message of the project offered to the citizens by the Youths for a United World.

During the meeting the Genfest 2012 was proposed to the youths, as another occasion in which to be protagonists and contribute to the realisation of a more united world.

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