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11 March 2012 16:00 - 18:00
On the 4th Anniversary of Chiara Lubich’s departure for this earth, an event for youths of yesterday and today, held at the Mariapolis Centre of Castel Gandolfo.


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14 MARCH 2008 – 14 MARCH 2012
“Chiara and the new generations”
A  charism: the fascination of an ideal.
Chiara Lubich and the youth. Those of yesterday who believed in us.
Those of today, ready to give their life with generosity.
Sunday 11 march 2012 – time 16.00-18.00
Castelgandolfo (ROME) – Auditorium of the Mariapolis Center

The most varied events are being promoted by the Focolare Movement to commemorate the foundress, Chiara Lubich, 4 years after her passing away: events of an ecumencial or interreligious nature, cultural conventions or gatherings whose language is music. The impact of the charism in the field of economics will be studied in depth in many places, while elsewhere the theme “communication in the era of new media: the style of Chiara Lubich” will be presented.
Everywhere, too, there will be moments of encounter and there will be many religious celebrations that will gather, in the cities as well as in the villages, the Focolare communities but not only.

In this mosaic, a particular importance will be given to the event that will gather together a crowd of all ages, at the Auditorium of the Mariapolis Center of Castelgandolfo, near Rome. The youth are especially awaited.

“Chiara and the new generations”, the relationship that she has established, the horizons she has opened, the trust with which she formed them, the hope that she placed in them, the reciprocity she has generated. To the new generations, present since the very beginning of the Focolare, Chiara has given without any reservation, her “dream”.  ‘I have always had a great faith in the young people – she said –: they are the future of the world!
They are made for great ideals and they know how to follow them with radilcalness. The discovery of the Gospel transformed into life and which fulfills what it promises, is that which attracts them the most. It is the Ideal of a united world that fascinates them. They are the youth, the teens and even the children, who will transmit this ideal to their peers”.

And the young people proved themselves worthy. Many, in all parts of the world, have made their own, in their choices and in their journey, the ideal of Chiara Lubich, applying it to that which today as adults, is their chosen field of action: in politics or economics, in education or in communications, in art, in social or ecclesial committment. These are the young people of yesterday together with the young people of today from all over the world, of diverse cultures and convictions, who now offer their experiences.

The president Maria Voce will speak at the end of the afternoon. In a message addressed to the Movement on the occasion of this 4th anniversary of the “passing away” of Chiara Lubich from this earth,  Maria  Voce  invites  us  to  make  of  this  moment “a starting point (…) to contribute towards building universal brotherhood”.

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