Maria Voce in Guatemala, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina

20 March 2012 - 25 April 2012
Visit of Maria Voceand Giancarlo Falett to the Focolare Communities in South and Central America.

An entire month to visit several American Spanish-speaking countries. Maria Voce will stay in Guatemala from 20 March until 8 April, and Giancarlo Faletti will be in Mexico from 26 March until 1 April, and in Colombia from 2 – 9 April.

Focolarini from El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua will join them in Guatemala. In Mexico there are plans to meet with young people, priests and religious, and members of the whole Focolare community in the land of the Aztecs. In Colombia people will also travel from Panama, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Peru and Ecuador. In Argentina there will be meetings with young people, focolarini from the Southern Cone (Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina). There is also a plan to meet with Jewish friends of the Focolare in Argentina and with people from the world of culture, especially from the fields of economy, art, politics, education and communication.

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