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Friday, May 11, 2012
Creativity used in the creation of a more united world. Gen Rosso travels to Belgium with a European project focusing on youths.

Lights, a stage, colours, dance, music and lots of movement are some of the features of  Arts & Culture reshaping urban life” which has come to its last stop in Belgium with Streetlight – The Musical with Gen Rosso. The international musical group will be in Brussels between the 5th and 13th of May, highlighting the importance of creativity for building a more united world. For the 120 youths who are participating in the project it is an experience of unity in diversity.

Brussels is an alive city, a crucible for different nationalities and cultures. Against this beautiful backdrop, Gen Rosso held the first two days of its tour, some workshops for youths in view of the presenation of their musical Streetlight on a large stage at Tour&Taxi, the city’s renamed public arena. The young people come from at least three linguistic groups: Flemish, French and German, not counting those who are coming from farther away: Middle East, Africa and Asia. Their work began under the motto: “one for the other” as they set out preparing the musical in workshops for hip-hop dance, instrumental music, Broadway music, chorus, scenography and Brazilian dance.  

Tells a true story that happened in 1969. It is the story of two boys, Charles and Jordan, who lived opposite realities and who in an important moment of their lives, saw their stories intersect. One of them, Charles, who with the help of the Streetlight Band whose music and song promote the values of a united world, is a sign of contradiction in his own environment – a Chicago ghetto.

Here are some of the impressions gathered from the young people who attended:

 So many different languages, names, nations, ideas and attitudes. . . and in spite of all these differences our hearts were beating one for the other. I’ll never be able to forget this!

I’d like to say thank you, because before coming here I didn’t feel at peace, like an empty chest. . . Now I feel full, full of love and hope that I would like to bring back to my home. Thank you!

The last days of Gen Rosso’s tour in Belgium will be the 12th and 13th of May at the Together forEurope event, which will also be attended by Focolare president Maria Voce.


Together4peace in Brussels is co-financed by the European Commission ( as a sub-project of the European “Arts and Cultures Reshaping Urban Life” project ( Its purpose is to foster relationships among people through art, in an urban context. Artistic gatherings have already taken place in several cities in Germany (Schwerte), Italy (Udine, Venice) and Czech Republic (Sternberk, Olomouc), with the aid of Gen Rosso. These events include panel discussions, conferences and international exchanges. Together4peace is an initiative of Youth for a United World of the Focolare Movement in Belgium (, in close collaboration with the Gen Rosso group ( and the Focolare Movement in Solingen (