“Run for Unity” – running to build unity

The worldwide relay race kicked off on Saturday, 12 May 2012. It’s the third “Run for Unity” organised by Youth for Unity and its aim is the promotion of peace among peoples. More than 180 events have been planned around the world.

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During the day, from 3.00-4.00 pm (in the different time zones), thousands of young people of different cultures and religions will be organising sports competitions together with actions for peace and solidarity. Many of them will be holding meetings with civic and religious dignitaries.

The “Run for Unity” started off in New Zealand followed by Australia, and after hour, it will continue throughout the countries of Asia and the Middle East, Europe and Africa, South and North America and the last leg will be run by young people in Vancouver, Canada.

Runners in the relay teams have chosen places that are a sign of peace and unity: the peace bell in Bicentennial Park in Sydney (Australia); Schengen (Luxembourg) famous for the signing of treaties regarding European borders; in Berlin (Germany) past the Brandenburg Gate, symbol of the unity of Germany; in Belfast the Parliament Buildings and the Stormont Estate will host the Irish stage of the worldwide event.

The relay race will include Christians from different denominations and in many countries there will be youth belonging to different faiths, cultures and ethnic groups running together to show their commitment to peace and unity: In New Delhi (India) the “Run for Unity” event will involve Sikh, Muslim, Hindu and Christian shrines; in Karachi (Pakistan), the team will be composed of Christians, Muslims and Hindus; in Caesarea Maritima (Holy Land), the event will gather Jewish, Muslim and Christian youth; in New York (USA) Christians and Muslims will come together at Malcolm Shabazz Mosque in Harlem.

The “Run for Unity” website, Facebook and YouTube channel will publish real-time updates of scheduled events with information, photos and video. On Saturday, 12 May, three brief transmissions will be shown (at 10.00 am, 2.00 pm and 8.00 pm Italian time) with news from various cities in all five continents, reported by the young people themselves.

These activities, organised on 12 May, form part of a bigger project entitled “Let’s Colour Our Cities” whereby young people carry out actions of solidarity in places where there is a prevalence of poverty and situations of conflict (more information can be found at www.teens4unity.net).

To follow the Run for Unity event: www.run4unity.net/2012




  1. Rosy

    Aquí en Honduras, hemos tenido una jornada bellísima, con jovenes provenientes de distintos lugares del país, jóvenes scouts que se lucieron con sus cantos. Los y las Gen como siempre coloridos y entusiastas. Todos buscando construir un mundo más unido. Varios medios de comunicación entre ellos, varias televisoras cubrieron el evento que culminó en el auditorio de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma. En este momento en que el país vive una crisis de valores y todos se expresan unos contra otros, muchas veces en forma violenta, resulta diferente, que un grupo de adolecentes y jóvenes vayan contracorriente. Estas gotitas de agua de cada país refrescarán un árido mundo. Somos otra humanidad…


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