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Friday, January 18, 2013
“Seeing Jesus today” is the theme of the meeting for 145 priests, deacons and seminarians of the focolari. They came from the different regions of Brazil and the nearby countries.

In Brazil, the church recently opted to take more than ever before the form of a “network community”.  It is within this context that the meeting for priests of the Focolare Movement was held from the 3rd to 10th January, in the proximity of Sao Paulo.

The meeting was held at the citadel called “Mariapoli Ginetta”.  The 145 priests, deacons and seminarians came from the different regions of Brazil, and also from Argentina, Bolivia and Peru.

They kept in the background the appeal made at the recent synod of the bishops to give shape to “concrete experiences of communion, that with the ardent strength of love- “See how they love each other!”-attract the glance of today’s disenchanted humanity;” “wells at which to quench the thirst of men and women and make them meet Jesus.” (Message to the people of God, n.3).

Every day the programme started with a phrase from the Gospel, to be lived, followed by consideration of the spirituality of unity. In order to give precedence to living in communion, plenary dialogue sessions and work in groups were given priority.

Within the context of celebration of the year of Faith, they dealt with the relationship between Vatican Council II and the Gospel promise of the presence of Jesus amongst those united in his name.

It was an urgent necessity for all to give visibility to this presence. They also realised that the Church is called to not only look at itself or present itself to the world with an institutional profile; but rather it is called to dialogue with culture, showing Jesus through mutual love lived between persons.

During the conclusion of the meeting, they expressed the conviction that through the presence of Jesus in community, the church renews its structures and its methods, through authentic relationships and a profound spiritual life.

Moreover, the meeting was an opportunity for renewing the presence of the Focolare Movement in its specific service to priests, permanent deacons, and seminarians in the different regions of Brazil, allowing the formation of numerous groups of communion, with the aim of deepening in everyday life, the charism of unity, as the source of inspiration of their life and ministry.


Rafael Lima da Silveira

Thursday, January 24, 2013 at 16:47

Sou o Frei Rafael Lima da Congregação dos Oblatos de São José, sou estudante de Teologia em São Paulo e gostaria de saber como participar dos Focolares?