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Saturday, March 16, 2013
Abstract: From this writing of Chiara Lubich in December 1999, transpires a prophetic vision of the Church she loved so much. Her dream of a united world.

«…. I dream that the atmosphere of our Church will be more suited to her as the Bride of Christ; a Church which shows herself to the world as being more beautiful, more one, more holy, more charismatic, more in conformity with her model, Mary, therefore, Marian, more dynamic, more like a family, more intimate, more similar to Christ her Spouse. I dream of her as being a beacon for humanity. And I dream of seeing in her a sanctity of the people, as never before.

I dream that brotherhood, which is gaining momentum today in the consciences of millions of people, will be lived out more and more widely across the globe, so as to become in the future, in the next millennium, a general, universal reality.

Consequently, I dream of the relenting of wars, conflicts, hunger, and the thousand other evils in the world.

I dream of an more intense dialogue of love among the Churches so as to see in the near future the coming together of the one Church.

I dream of a more living and active dialogue among people of the most varied religions linked to one another by love, “the golden rule” present in all their sacred books.

«I dream that the various cultures in the world will mutually enrich each other and draw closer to one another so that they may give origin to a world culture that highlights those values which have always been the true wealth of individual peoples, and I dream that these values will stand out as global wisdom.

I dream that the Holy Spirit will continue to inundate the Churches and potentiate the “seeds of the Word” beyond themselves, so that the world may be invaded by continual innovations of the light, life, and works which he alone is able to kindle. So that ever-greater numbers of men and women may set out towards straight paths, converge toward their Creator, and put their heart and soul at his disposal.

I dream of gospel-based relationships not only among individuals, but also among groups, movements, religious and lay associations; among peoples, among States, so that it becomes logical to love the other’s country as one’s own. Likewise, that it becomes logical to tend towards a universal communion of goods, at least as the point of arrival.

I dream of a world united in the variety of peoples….

In a word, I dream of an anticipation of the new heavens and new earth as far as this is possible here on earth. I dream many things, but we have a millennium to see them come true».

(taken from Chiara Lubich, Attualità leggere il proprio tempo (edited by Michele Zanzucchi), Città Nuova Editrice, Roma 2013)



Monday, March 18, 2013 at 11:28

Per esperienza personale Chiara quando parla di ‘sogno’ parla di cose già sperimentate in ‘sé’. Rileggendo questo scritto mi ritorna in mente quello sull’unità dove Chiara parla di un sogno e termina pressapoco così: ‘È un sogno. No, l’unità non è un sogno perchè 2000 anni fa Tu l’hai chiesta al Padre: Padre che tutti siano una cosa sola. ‘.
Sta a me, a noi contribuire a realizzare questo ‘sogno’ perchè, come dice sempre lei parlando dell’unità, ‘La nostra carità deve essere come il calore del sole. Avete visto l’inverno? Ebbene, in primavera per un po’ di sole spunta l’erba e fioriscono i fiori. Non è che il sole faccia tutto, fa solo la sua parte; eppure tutto sembra cambiare.’
Buona giornata e grazie, grazie grazie di queste pagine.
Francesco G. Scariolo


Saturday, March 16, 2013 at 14:58

Straordinario Chiara, continuiamo a sognarlo insieme!! Anche se tu immagino che lo veda già realizzato. Qui siamo in cammino, e in questi giorni costatiamo che no è una utopia.
Continua ad aiutarci!