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Thursday, April 18, 2013
Interview with Maria Voce on the upcoming meeting of Ecclesial Movements with Pope Francis during Pentecost 2013: service and poverty, signs of the charismatic profile of the Church.

In these first days of Pope Francis’ pontificate we can find strong signs of the charismatic profile of the Church. What do you think of this?

«First of all I’d underline two words: service and poverty. Pope Francis spoke about these, but he especially bore witness to them with gestures and facts: poverty to express a simple lifestyle, a greater sharing of goods with those most in need and a greater protection of the creation that God put at the disposal of humankind. A particular point then is his capacity to create occasions for dialogue and communion with the people he meets during the audiences, among whom children and the sick, as well as the workers of the Vatican City State whom he invites to his morning Masses. These and other gestures express the attention Pope Francis has in favouring, so to say, the horizontal value of the Church which is the charismatic value. This dimension is inherent to his truly institutional person, which offers a more complete vision of the Church, containing teachings and love, hierarchical interactions and relationships in pursuit of simplicity and “tenderness.” We are often used to considering the hierarchical aspect of the Church as if it were a pyramid, with an exaggerated oligarchy. Instead, Pope Francis makes the reality of the Church as communion come to light, certainly with a centre, around which converges all the gifts that God has granted her through the charisms.»

Maria Voce

This coming May 18th, the Pentecost vigil, Pope Francis will encounter the Movements and lay associations at St. Peter’s Square, in the context of the events of the Year of Faith. How are you preparing for this? What do you expect from this meeting?

«More than expecting something we would like to be able to offer something. We would like the Pope to feel that these thousands of people  only longed to bear witness to the vitality of faith, the richness of God’s gifts and the capacity to respond to the most important challenges of the present moment through the different charisms which movements and associations carry within themselves. As Focolare Movement, we would especially wish that the Pope feels that we are totally at the service of the Church, to be instruments of unity among her various constituents, starting among the sons and daughters of old and new charisms, at the service of a Church as communion which is what humanity hopes to see today.»

Source: Focolare Information Service


p silvestro bonavia ofmcap

Sunday, May 12, 2013 at 16:54

L’incontro con Papa Francesco: anche se noi lo incontriamo ogni giorno nella messa con le sue parole bellissime che spronano ad una vita veramente evangelica; ma Sabato e Dom prossimi saranno un blessimo incontro con l’aspetto carismatico NUOVO vivo della Chiesa… noi tutti come ai tempi di Francesco d’Assisi. Grazie Emmaus per le tue parole piene di vita, vita nuova per tutti noi!
Vogliamo accompagnare tutti voi che sarete in Pza S Pietro col Papa affince gli assicuriamo gioia e vita.

Aiden Ndawula

Monday, May 6, 2013 at 16:08

Dearest Maria Voce, thank you for all. I am one with you in prayer for the betterment of the work of Mary. May God bless you and all the Focolare Family.

julia b. girão

Sunday, April 28, 2013 at 23:30

muito bom este artigo entrevista com a diretora do movimento focolores, que estpa cada vez mais forte no Brasik e especialmente, no Nordeste, Fortaleza, Recufe, Natal, joão Pessoa, etc.juli fort. ceará focolarina

Sr. Susan M Greene, diGA-RDC

Sunday, April 28, 2013 at 19:23

Thank you, Emmaus for these marvelous words. Count on my prayers and unity, Susan,diGA