Give and it will be given to you. It works!

Daily life experiences from people of all ages.

“Sandro told me one of his experiences. He, his wife, a 14 year-old son, a 12 year-old daughter and their two year-old son went to the market for some groceries. One day they were selling artichokes for 3 Euros and everyone in the family agreed that they should buy some!!!  

After buying all that they needed, the family met a poor woman on their way home. She spoke to the Dad: “Would you give some artichokes? I don’t have anything to eat.”

In agreement with the family, his wife Joy gave the woman 5 artichokes.

The daughter of Sandro spoke up to her father: ‘If this woman asks for artichokes from lots of people. . . maybe it wouldn’t be so fair. . .’  Her father responded: “We try to do good to others. Then she’ll have to answer to her own conscience for the way she acts.” With that they returned home happy with their purchases.  

The next day while Sandro was in church making a little visit to Our Lady and asking for her help because he had to buy eyeglasses for his son and didn’t have any money, his telephone rang. It was a total surprise: an old acquaintance to whom he had lent some money many years earlier. The friend wanted to return the money to him now!

The amount was exactly the amount need for the eyeglasses. The Gospel says: “Give and it will be given to you.” But the One who exchanges the gift is truly a gentleman, the  Lord.”  (A.DN – Italy)

“This Word of Life is really true! The other day I was on my way to work. One of the employees asked me for a small amount of money, which I willingly gave. These days we’re working (I’m a teacher) even though the schools are closed. When I went to receive my salary, I was surprised to see that the administration had paid us an amount that we hadn’t expected. It was 5 time more than the amount I had lent to that other employee.”   (K. – USA)




  1. elsa

    Así es el señor omnipotente y bueno “Den y se les dará”

  2. Ernesto

    queste esperienze, sulla parola vissuta mi aiutano a cercare di mettere in pratica la Parola di Dio. Grazie

  3. Umberto

    Bellisime esperienze! grazie per condividerle!


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