Online: a new website dedicated to Chiara Luce Badano

Since June 13, 2013 the new website has been offering news about this new young Blessed.

Life, Love, Light, or rather, life, love, light. This trinomial that has been connected to the name of Chiara Luce Badano since the day of her beatification is still running on the Web thanks to a website officially dedicated to the young woman from Sassello (Italy) – The site is being visited and appreciated by people of all ages. In recent days the site has been added to with new graphics, content and services.

Among the novelties, the long-awaited section entitled LOVE, which regards the spirituality that Chiara Luce lived, some updates about the projects that are being brought ahead by the Chiara Badano Foundation, the section on “At Sassello” regarding the Centre of Spirituality at La Maddalena, a small hamlet in Sassello, which was the birthplace of Chiara Luce. The “Publications” link provides news editorials, CDs and DVDs. The languages have also increased with the addition of Portuguese. The common denominator of the site is the desire to spread the message of this young witness of the Gospel to “make her bright light shine on the lampstand.”

Chiara Luce is also on Facebook . Her Facebook page is widely appreciated with over 54,000 contacts. But beyond the numbers, the life and depth of Chiara Luce continues to uplift and to spread: “I’m feeling a bit down,” one person writes, “and then you appear with that candid expression on your face and that genuine smile of yours, your eyes filled with love. And like magic my heart is calmed. Thanks.”



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