Syria: in the painful night, the miracle of solidarity

A moving worldwide conference call with the members of the Focolare Movement to the country at the end of its tether calls our attention to the power of prayer and concrete help.

«We are fine. Greetings from Damascus and Aleppo! At this moment a group of us is at a meeting of young people who have been meeting regularly since the last two months in a parish because they want know more about the Ideal of unity.

Of course, the “night” that has come over the country is getting even darker, we do not know how long we will be able to resist, both in terms of stress and economically. The prices are sky-high, the great majority of people think only of obtaining food because everything else is surplus; and for people who are used to work this is a big slap on the face because they feel that their dignity has been trampled by this war.

In many localities and districts, we live side by side with danger. When we leave the house, we wonder: will we be able to come back home? Then there are two bishops as well as two priests who have been kidnapped, and we know absolutely nothing about them. So we pray unceasingly for them, as well as for the other abducted people.

But in this “night”, we can assure you that there is a very strong light. They are the words of Jesus and the teachings of Chiara Lubich that repeat to us to live the present moment, to love, to remain united and to keep the living spiritual presence of Jesus among us.

And so the miracle happens, and it really amazes us: we live “outside of ourselves”, for the others. We only think of loving, to be continually at peace in the face of resentment or even anger that can be felt in our hearts, to improve relationships among ourselves and with everyone. This helps us to live with a certain normality. It gives us peace and many of us feel that this is our place, because it’s right here where we can bring unity and serenity. This is what people thirst for.

A young man who is doing his military service and works in the office, in a place that is often attacked, told us that during one of the last, very strong attacks, while escaping with his colleagues to go to the shelter, he realized that one of them had been shot and had fallen to the ground. For a moment he doubted: “Should I go back to love this brother or should I continue to run?” In his heart he heard a clear voice telling him: “Don’t be afraid, I’m with you.” He went back, took off his shirt to stop the blood flowing down the leg and under the blows waited for the ambulance to arrive.

In this moment that we feel united to you all, I want to thank for every bit of help that reaches us in various ways and that moves us every time. They are a sign of that family atmosphere that accompanies us always. They are very precious, and they allow us to let Jesus in our neighbour feel that love that each one of you has for Him, to console Him, to give Him the strength to endure and not despair.

If we are here it’s because you and so many others with you are living for us. Therefore a huge thank you, thank you and a special greeting from everyone here, from Syria

Maria Voce, on behalf of the thousands of people connected via internet, answered, «We are also here because you live for us, and we continue to be united and bringing everything ahead together, praying and sustaining you in every way we can!»

Anyone who wishes to send concrete aid to Syria through AMU (Action for a United World), may find the bank coordinates on the website AMU-Syria Emergency.




  1. Gaetano

    Quando ho sentito questa testimonianza dalla Siria, mi sono sentito piccolo, piccolo. Ho pensato che noi tutti del cosiddetto mondo del benessere (nonostante la CRISI), non facciamo abbastanza per aiutare questi nostri fratelli. Lancio un appello alla mia comunità di intraprendere delle iniziative per aiutare e fare sentire la nostra vicinanza, la nostra Unità, il nostro “AMORE” in modo concreto, a tutti coloro che vivono momenti difficili ma con l’ideale dell’unità nel cuore. Grazie.

  2. Cecilia Spatz

    Obrigada pelo testemunho de vocês. Todos os dias rezo pedindo a Jesus que lhes dê força e paz mesmo ante tantas dificuldades. Contém sempre com minhas orações.

  3. Koi Alva

    el testimonio que manifiestan en el escrito es una clara motivacion para invertir y ofrecerles mi vida toda, de estos días siguientes, por ustedes, en lo que consideren que les sirvo me uno. Me es dificil contener mis lagrimas, provocan alegría y ganas de estar con ustedes. Mi manera de hacerlo es hacerme ofrenda a Dios por mis hermanos en esa tierra Siria. Gracias por hacerse luz, pan e inspiracion. A distancia hay un hijo de Dios que se une


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