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Wednesday, September 25, 2013
The young Chiara Luce Badano was declared Blessed on September 25, 2010. Since then the example of her life has continued to spread with remarkable force especially among the young

Three years have passed since that 25th of September 2010 when Chiara Luce Badano was proclaimed Blessed at the Roman Shrine of Our Lady of Divine Love. It seems like yesterday, the memories of that extraordinary event are still so alive. They seemed like the realization of Chiara Luce’s words in a letter to her friends: “I went out of your lives in an instant. Oh, how much I would have liked to stop the speeding train as it carried me farther and farther away from you!

(. . .) But now I feel enveloped in a splendid design that little by little is being revealed to me.”

We would like to reflect on that “splendid design” that Chiara Luce fulfilled in life, with some words from her parents, Maria Teresa and Ruggero in the book by Franz Coriasco In viaggio con i Badano (Travelling with the Badanos)

“Did you ever think during her final months that you were dealing with a saint?”

Maria Teresa: “No, we never thought that, not even distantly. We were living with ‘extraordinary normality’ even though Chiara had lost the use of her legs and was confined to bed. Evidently there was a grace that at the time we didn’t even have time to be fully aware of, but which we lived each day. And this grace continued afterwards, and continues now. If I may be allowed to say it, I think Chiara’s specialty was that she became a saint not amidst horrific suffering and pain (although these were not lacking), but immersed in the joy of loving God.”

Ruggero: “Well, thinking back on the period of Chiara’s illness, we cannot but say that those were surely the years of our lives that were most blessed by God.”

(Taken from: Coriasco, F. In viaggio con i Badano. Chiara Luce e la sua famiglia: i segreti di un segreto, (Rome: Citta Nuova, 2011).