Philippine Emergency/2

Typhoon Haiyan. News arrives from people on the ground. A chain of solidarity in the midst of tragedy and uncertainty of finding loved ones alive.

The victim count of the displaced and injured, left behind by Typhoon Haiyan in many areas of the Philippines, continues to rise. “We had strong winds in Manila that carried away the roofs from our houses. Many people’s homes were completely destroyed, but this is nothing compared to what happened in Tacloban City and Cebu City. We’re trying to offer some concrete help to them.”

These words were written by Tita, regarding the Bukas Palad Project (New Families) that is carried out in the Tramo and Tambo quarters of the capital. Begun in 1987 with a group of doctors, dentists and nurses from the Focolare, with the help of local people, it currently runs 12 childhood development projects (kindergarten and elementary schooling, nutrition, health care and recreational activities). It also provides support for families, psychological care, micro-credit for home improvement and it runs a social centre with a clinic and several types of labs. “We’ll go to distribute food, clothing and first aid supplies in the cities of Sigma and Aklan,” writes Ding, a focolarina from Cebu. “We felt it was important to begin by rebuilding the homes that have completely destroyed in these two cities.” This project will be taken ahead with the help of the Focolare’s New Families Movement and  Action for a United World (AMU).

“We would like to inform those who support the children in the Distance Support project of Tambo, Tramo, Sulyap and La Union that fortunately Metro Manila and Luzon were spared from the typhoon. Our local communities are helping the victims through several projects: a concrete expression of love and solidarity among all.”

“We were just recovering from the earthquake when this terrible typhoon hit!” Gina writes. She works for the solidarity project of Mabolo in Cebu. The islands of Leyte and Samar were especially hit by the typhoon, with real devastation. There are countless dead . . . and everything is lackcing, everything!! In Tacloban there are many Focolare members in the headquarters of the island of Leyte. With gratitude to God, we are finding them all still alive!”

“We haven’t had news from some people yet,” Alessandra informs us. She is also a focoalrina from Cebu. “But we continue to search. It’s not easy because there’s no communication, transport, and it’s just not safe. People are desperate and many have raided stores in search of food and necessities. The strongest experience for me has been to share such suffering with so many people, the painful suspense of not having any news of loved ones, the loss of everything. Against this sorrowful background the love between us emerges so strongly, the concrete help that we can give to others.”

In Tagaytay, Salib is the contact person for a project providing food and preventive care. it is also active in nursery schooling and a Social Centre: “Thanks for all the prayers, beginning with that of the Holy Father, we are safe and sound. Many people have lost everything, and are in need of food and water.

“In Davao, Southern Philippines, we are all well,” Mercy assures. She coordinates a project in the San Isidor quarter. “We heard this morning that some of our friends are save, but we haven’t heard from everyone yet . . .”

For anyone who would like to contribute financially:

Associazione Azione per un Mondo Unito – Onlus

presso Banca Popolare Etica, filiale di Roma

Codice IBAN: IT16G0501803200000000120434


Causale: emergenza tifone Haiyan Filippine


c/c bancario n° 1000/1060


Cod. IBAN: IT 55 K 03359 01600 100000001060

Cod. Bic – Swift: BCITITMX


Payable to : Emergency Typhoon Haiyan Philippines


Cebu – Guadalupe Branch

6000 Cebu City – Cebu, Philippines

Tel: 0063-32-2533728


Euro Bank Account no.:  398-2-39860031-7


Payable to:  Help Philippines– Typhoon Haiyan


Tel. 0063 (032) 345 1563 – 2537883 – 2536407



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