Living the Gospel/1

Two testimonials recall the Word of Life for December, which invites us to grow and abound in love for one another and for all


“My husband owns a construction company and, since the banks had blocked funding, he was without work for two years. Between the growing economic hardship and the moments of discouragement, we continued to hope in God’s providence. At the beginning of the school year the children were in need of books, and we didn’t know what to do. One morning a friend of ours came to tell us that he had received some money and knowing that we were going through hard times, offered to help us: “You can pay us back when you have it,” he suggested.

Last month the mortgages were released, but the serious economic situation prevented us from paying the employees regularly. Unbeknownst to us, a friend spoke with them, explained the problem and asked if they were willing to work without pay for a while. They all agreed.

Christmas was drawing near when, totally unexpectedly, we received a back payment. With great joy we divided it among the employees. Then, through a relative, providence came through yet again. (E.M. – Italia)

The Lamp

I had always looked for a good relationship with my mother-in-law. My husband would often console me that if the relationship with her was difficult for him, imagine what it would be for me. I wanted to ignore her. But I wasn’t at peace. The Gospel told me to love everybody and my mother-in-law was also contained in that everybody. And so I would telephone her to hear how she was getting on, take her here and there, and invite her for lunch every week. . .

Little by little, the barriers between us began to disappear and I became her main confidant and companion on her visits to the doctor, where I presented myself as her guardian angel. At nearly eighty years of age she began to show concern for a neighbor who was in need of companionship, and to prepare sweets for the parish. She told me: “I learnt from you how good it feels to be remembered.” One day she confided to me: “This lamp is very dear to me, because it was left to me by my Grandfather. It’s one of the few family mementos that I have. When I die, I’d like you to have it. .” Now the lamp is in our house, as a reminder that only love remains. (I.B. – Svizzera)

Source: Il Vangelo del giorno, December 2013, Città Nuova Editrice.



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