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Wednesday, December 18, 2013
With his songs, the young Congolese artist from Belamy Paluku brings a message of unity among peoples and cultures, where differences are a reciprocal enrichment.

Clip video-

Belamy Paluku comes from Goma, but is in Belgium for three month. In his Country, Congo, he is a member of the group Gen Fuoco, a band whose message draws its inspiration from the spirituality of unity, and is responsible for the “Foyer culturel”, a cultural centre in his city.

Thanks to his musical talent, the Wallonie-Bruxelles Centre offered him a scholarship to study singing at Verviers, in Belgium. Belamy is a songwriter, whose songs highlight the search for peace, dialogue, the value of suffering.

His most popular song is entitled “Nos couleurs et nos saveurs” (Our colours and our flavours),  which is an invitation to appreciate the different colours and tastes of the different peoples, because “a world with just one colour and with just one kind of food would be a very poor world”.

In the video  which we are presenting to you, there is the interview of this young Congolese musician and that of a young Belgian girl.

Belamy Paluku

Belamy, you are from Goma, in Congo. In this moment you are in Belgium for an intercultural exchange for your specialization as a musician. How do you feel in such a different world?

«I discover many people of different origins and I realize that each one always has something to give and to receive from others. The diversities of cultures and languages cannot stop us from living together and communicating.»

And you Elisabeth, you were born in Belgium, what do you think about this welcoming people who come from all over the world?

«It’s true that in Europe, and especially here in Brussels, there is an immense richness of nationalities and different cultures. Personally I have met some young people of the Focolare Movement from Syria, Slovakia, Italy etc. And what always helped me is also the art of loving which concretely makes you take the step towards the other. But I think that living one next to the other is not enough, we can take an extra step. The challenge for us Europeans, who perhaps are rather reserved, is precisely to go and meet the other person and to build bridges until we all become one family, until we truly recognize one another as brothers and sisters.»

Belamy, is it from this exchange of riches that you wrote a song?

«I come from a region with a constant danger of war sparking off between ethnic groups. This exchange of human and cultural riches seems to me a way to be followed towards the fulfillment of a world of sharing and tolerance. I began from our differences so as to cry out to the world that remaining together, united, we can unfold the puzzle of humanity.»

Belamy Paluku is on facebook as Belamusik (the cultural centre of Goma)


Yves Bizu

Saturday, December 21, 2013 at 11:21

Congratulation Belamy.