Chiara Lubich: to be able to say at the end “I have always loved”

Along with many, we are immensely grateful for the gift of Chiara’s life. We remember her on the anniversary of her birth date, January 22, 1920, with two brief reflections of hers.

«Today I am 46 years old. It’s twice the age I had when I started living the Ideal [the spirituality that radiates from the charism of unity, ed.]. I’m happy because from now on the period I have lived the Ideal will be more than without it.

But, my God, once more I need to throw my life into your heart. I need to burn my being in the ardent flames of the Holy Spirit, whom we have to thank for all eternity and from this moment for having indicated this way of love to us: to love, to love always, to love all. At the end of each day, to be able to say: I have always loved.» (Diary of 22 January 1966)

«Speaking of Jesus, St Paul writes: ‘… and he gave his life for me.’ (Gal 2:20).

Each of us can repeat those words of the Apostle: for me.

My Jesus, if you have died for me – for me – how can I doubt your mercy? And if I can believe in that mercy with faith which teaches me that a God has died for me, how can I not risk everything to return this love?

For me. Here is the formula which wipes out the solitude of the most lonely; raises into God every poor man belittled by the whole world; fills every heart to the brim and makes it spill over onto those who either do not know or do not remember the Good News.

For me. For me, Jesus, all those sufferings? For me that cry?

Oh! You will certainly not let my poor soul be lost nor many others, but you will do everything… if only because we have cost you too much.

You gave birth to me for Heaven, as my mother did for earth. You are always thinking of me, only of me, as you do of each and every person.

You give me more courage to live my Christian life than if I had the whole universe at my back to spur me on.

For me. Yes, for me.

And so, Lord, let me also say especially for the years that remain: for You.» ( Chiara Lubich, Knowing How to Lose, New City, London 1981, pp.3-4).




  1. Clorinda Giorgi

    Queste “parole” di Chiara hanno sempre la capacità di riaccendermi in cuore il desiderio di amare ! Grazie Chiara !!!

  2. liciodetto lucio

    Ama e capirai, non solo una canzone ma una speranza per me e tutti noi,se Gesù ha lasciato su questa terra il suo corpo e sangue (eucarestia)Chiara ha lasciato il suo carisma,per questo voglio Amare nell’Unità con tutti voi.Offro il mio sì non solo per me ma per tutti quelli toccati dal Carisma che ha al centro Gesù Crocefisso e Maria Desolata.Per te Gesù, per te………..

  3. marilola

    Con te CHIARA e grazie al tuo amore apassionato per Dio, Unico TUTTO, anch’io cerco vivere, come te, le mie giornate dovunque mi trovo…
    col per TE !!! e che fortunata sono, pur dovendo imparare ancor tanto della gratuita’ e generosita’ infinita di Dio!


    Fuiste y eres increíble Chiara,gracias por tu legado la unidad de todos nosotros

  5. maria

    Gesù sei stato il mio sostegno….aiutami ad essere fedele al tuo amore e ad amare sempre, Maria

  6. iva

    grazie Chiara,aiutami a ripetere ogni giorno “Sei TU Signore l’unico mio bene ” e a vivere amando ogni giorno secondo la Volontà di Dio.

  7. Nduwimana Dieudonné (Padi)

    Ecco, dal cielo, ci auita a vivere dicendo sempre “Per Te” a Gesù per tutta la nostra vita.
    Grazie Chiara

  8. Lidia Salvetti

    Grazie Chiara!! Sempre fra di noi!

  9. Judith

    Gracias a Dios por el regalo de tu vida Chiara!
    también como tú.. Que al final de cada jornada podamos decir: he amado siempre!

  10. Guest

    Happy Birthday ! Chiara. You continue to guide my life and remind me to “love” especially in the difficult times of my life. UNO. nilda salud

  11. Christine

    Danke Chiara , das mir das göttliche Leben nahe gebracht hast !

  12. gabriella

    Grazie Chiara!
    Anch’io con tutta me stessa voglio vivere per poter dire “ho sempre amato”


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