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Saturday, February 22, 2014
The multicultural group inspired by the charism of unity, using the universal languages of music and dance, builds bridges with the new generations in its solidarity tour in the Philippines

Move for something greater” is the title of a project of Gen Rosso that began on January 30, 2014 and will end on March 1, 2014. The project engages students from several Philippine cities in concrete gestures of sharing and solidarity, following the hurricane of last November. The arrival of the international music group has been in preparation stages for months, involving several public and private schools.

Gen Rosso was met at its arrival in Manila, by the Philippine Minister of Education who expressed his great esteem for the project as well as his wish for future collaboration. The international performing arts group held several workshops in Manila (February 1-2, 2014) in which 210 teenagers took part and were enthusiastic to express their talents. Music, dance, choreography and lines from the musical Streetlight were channels for creating tuning in and communicating with the youths. Several of them came from marginalised regions of the metropolis. “They especially,” the band artists write, “were won over by the force of the project. They left with huge smiles on their faces and a singular sense of satisfaction.”

Work in the workshops resulted in a presentation of two concerts in the Ynares Palasport of Manila; local young people performed together with band artists in performing the musical. Each show drew a crowd of 2,200 people, among these a group of forty Muslim youths. One of them commented on the “conviction, courage and inspiration” that was conveyed by the performance.

Some impressions from the students who performed: “You’ve healed the wounds in our heart. How beautiful to return home and be able to live for others!” “Thank you for making us feel like part of a family!” “With this concert I found the desire to live again.” “I learned to be surer of myself and to have trust.” “Thank you for these days together with Gen Rosso. I have found a relationship with my father again.”

Second stop: Masbate, an island to the southeast of Manila, nestled amidst tropical nature (February 7-8, 2014). “This tour,” they confide “is giving us unforgettable emotions. We’re on an island that lives on fishing and rice fields. The Fazenda, where we shall be staying, is located in the midst of the fields an hour away from the city, and the road is swarming with sidecars (tricycles). Even amidst a thousand difficulties, the people live happily. . . .”

The project in Masbate was held in collaboration with the Fazenda da Esperanca, along with students from several schools on the island. Enthusiasm among the 200 students who took part in the workshop during the week really reached the stars! These teenagers have firsthand experience of many of the situations presented in the Streetlight musical. . . . It was necessary to schedule a third performance because of the many requests, with an audience of 1600 young people.”

With tears in their eyes they admit: “We leave tears of joy and deep friendships in Masbate. . . . Once again we’ve experienced that in places such as these that are so far and difficult to reach, we receive much more than we give.”

The adventure continued in Davos (February 14-15, 2014) and will conclude in Manila on March 5, 2014.

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014 at 07:50

I’ve watched the Streetlight concert in Cebu with our Gens from Aklan..some Gen Rosso members shared their life stories. Our Gens were greatly moved, relieved, happy and were inspired for some of them can relate from their story. This experience gave them courage, compassion and to love even more, a feeling of spiritual highness that these words were imprinted in their hearts and mind ” Make your life a Masterpiece”..Thanks Gen Rosso! So fortunate to see them @ MCIA with their warm greetings :)