Vincenzo “Eletto” Folonari, a gratitude that is 50 years long

On July 12, 1964 Eletto was lost in a tragic accident. The luminous trail of light of his life that was given to God still remains today as an example for many young people.

A trail in heaven. This is the title of the docu-fiction that tells the exciting story of Vincenzo “Eletto” Folonari,  a young heir of a rich Italian family, who left everything to follow Jesus “I chose God and nothing else” was one of his famous phrases.


20140712-02«He was young. Rich. Handsome. He had everything that someone his age could ever want. But Vincenzo looked beyond, he wanted something more in his life. He came to know the spirit of the Focolare, he left everything for an ideal: universal brotherhood. He disappeared one summer day, amidst the waves of Lake Bacciano. But his death was not in vain. It was the push that gave life to the Gen Movement. Youth, teens, children present today in 182 Countries of the world. That was his dream. He was named Vincenzo. But for everyone he was  Eletto».


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