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Monday, July 14, 2014
Letter from Maria Voce as the September 2014 General Assembly of the Work of Mary draws near.

MariaVoce“I completely entrust my mandate to the Holy Spirit, and I await to discover what he wishes to show us. I would like to share with you the three sentiments that dominate my soul in this moment: gratitude, joy and new ardour.

First of all gratitude to God, of course, but also to each one of you for your generous commitment during these six years so that nothing of all that Chiara left us might be lost. Gratitude for so much life, so many sufferings, so many offerings.  A special gratitude to the many people who, during these years, have already joined Chiara and remain as shining beacons to give us light for our journey.

Joy, in seeing the life and abundant fruits of the charism through which we experience the presence of Chiara wherever one finds her children. Today this is evident in a special way in the small and large communities that have multiplied throughout the world. They bear witness, also through the Mariapolis gatherings – about which I get beautiful news every day – to the authentic sense of family experienced when we live mutual love, where everyone feels at home: those coming for the first time, as well as the many returning.

All of this urges me to make a new commitment and to respond in a radical way to God’s calling, and to serve him in his Opera, how and where he wants, leaving aside everything else so that he can truly be everything for me.

I would hope that by sharing this experience, these sentiments of gratitude, joy and commitment might multiply and help us start again, all together, with no one missing, on this extraordinary adventure, conquering every fear, every indecision, every hesitation, because everything is possible for God and God loves us.

With this commitment, which is also a greeting and a prayer, supported by this month’s Word of Life, I greet you with all my heart.”

Maria Voce (Emmaus)


James Mwania

Monday, July 21, 2014 at 09:42

Thank you very much for everything. I thank God for the gift of you and all those you have worked together to enable us reach where we are now. Am very sure that Chiara must be very happy looking down on us and how we are progressing. I thank God for inspiring you and making you so strong through the holy spirit who has governed us. I feel your presence and very strong Jesus among us through your guidance as the president of the work of Mary. Thank you and always count on my unity.


Thursday, July 17, 2014 at 10:11

Chers Emmaus et Giancarlo,

merci pour votre lettre que nous avons lu ensemble ici au Luxembourg à 27 personnes ensemble.
Nous vous remercions de tout coeur car votre dynamisme et votre souci que chacun et tous ensemble nous puissions devenir toujours plus une expression authentique du Charisme, nous a rempli de joie et d’espérance!

Isa Dalla Zuanna

Wednesday, July 16, 2014 at 17:02

A Emmaus e Giancarlo :
grazie per averci accompagnato con amore , radicalità ed umiltà in questo importante e delicato passaggio del dopo-Chiara. Anch’io come voi, voglio rispondere in modo radicale alla chiamata di Dio lasciando da parte pensieri umani, piccoli rancori e rivendicazioni per bruciare tutto nella Sua misericordia.
Da questa cameretta di ospedale, dove assisto mio fratello sofferente offro tutto anche per lui perchè trionfi il suo Regno d’amore in tutto il mondo.
Isa, VR

Ada Bronte

Wednesday, July 16, 2014 at 10:17

Grazie Emmaus e Gian Carlo per l’amore speciale vostro, siete stati e lo sarete ancora,anche li dove Dio vi vorra` ,un dono speciale e grande. Sono Ada Bronte della Sicilia, e vi assicuro tutto il mio amore e preghiere. In particolare, offro i miei momenti difficili e dolorosi per voi e per ‘Opera tutta. Abbraccio Ada


Wednesday, July 16, 2014 at 09:29

Emmaus, thank you for your leadership, it has been inspiring and inclusive. I felt that you were constantly trying to include us, every step on the way. This has been an amazing journey and it has benefitted the movement in many ways. For the community in Singapore, we have certainly learnt to grow closer as a family. May God bless you and hope that you can continue to serve and lead our movement. UNO

Pe. César dos Santos

Tuesday, July 15, 2014 at 15:49

Emmaus é a prova de que Deus continua guiando esse movimento e de maneira sempre nova, agora com as comunidades locais. Não tenho dúvidas que Deus sigue inspirando a todos nós através da presidente do Movimento dos Focolares. Por isso estou rezando para essa assembléia aqui do México, país onde agora vivo como missionário e onde agora faço parte da comunidade local do Movimento dos Focolares em GUADALAJARA.