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Monday, August 25, 2014
More "flashes of light" and hope, the results of living the Gospel, which we received from some young people of the Focolare Movement in this martyred land

Photo: S. Baldwin/UNHCR

V said,  ”There are some members of the evangelical church who work to distribute basic necessities to the people. Since we saw how much they had to do, we offered to help. The evangelical pastor was very grateful and we are happy to feel more united.
For many reasons I cannot always go out with the other young people to help people in distress. One day, while going around the school where there are refugee families, I saw two babies lying on a mattress on the floor. It was dark and it was hot. I took one of them in my arms. When the mother came we started talking and I asked her if she needed anything. She thanked me and told me almost ashamedly, that she needed a pair of pyjamas. It had been days that she always slept in the same clothes. When I went home, I told my family and we found one for her. On another occasion I met a little girl from a family I knew, who was by herself, crying. I invited her to my room and we played together all morning. We also brought pencils and notebooks for the many children. They had fun drawing and colouring. We played other games with them and prayed together. We wanted to make them feel that there is still “Good” in the world and that they should not be afraid. I feel that this is our role: to be on our own two feet and have a strong relationship with God in order to encourage others, to bring joy, love and peace.”

L. said, “In Qaraqosh, a village in the North  I saw a priest and a nun cleaning the streets, after days in which rubbish had accumulated because the public service could no longer do the collection. I
nvolved my friends and we started to help them.”

A. added, “In Erbil, where there is the highest number of refugee families, we met with some young people from Qaraosh to see how to organize ourselves to help those in need. We got in touch with some of priests and began to distribute food and water to many people.”

20140825-01Some would like to leave the country to be with their families who have decided to leave. Aziz told us, “There is a lot of suffering but in our hearts there is also a great desire to continue to love wherever we may live.”

R. told us, “It was moving to see some families of the Movement, even though they had lost their homes and everything they owned, they wanted to participate with all members of the Focolare in the world, in  the initiative of the Youth for a United World “Dialogue to Unlock.” They too, posted their photos in the  social media, signifying their commitment to live for peace, even in the midst of tragedy.”

R. concluded, “People from Baghdad to Basra have not suffered so much because of the current situation even if they are afraid of having the same fate if there are not major political moves at international level. In this very painful situation, together we entrust ourselves to God, asking Him to  give hope and comfort to those thousands of people who have lost literally everything including the hope of a secure and peaceful future.”

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