General Assembly of the Focolare Movement about to start

The General Assembly of the Focolare Movement will take place between the 1st and the 28th of September. The program will conclude with an audience with Pope Francis.

20140827-aThe Mariapolis Centre in Castelgandolfo, Rome, will gather 494 world representatives of the Focolare Movement; they will come from different geographical regions. These are lay and consecrated persons, adults and young people, men and women, an expression of the diversity that characterizes the Movement. Another 49 participants belong to other Christian Churches. Also invited are members of other religions and persons of no religious affiliation.

Focolare Communities all over the world have participated very extensively in the preparation for this event, and this resulted in a number of reflections and proposals being tabled for an assembly which is expected to give its views on key topics relating to the life of the entire Movement. The introductory part of the Movement’s General Statute states that “the norm of norms, the premise to every other rule” is mutual love, as this is the base for the action of Holy Spirit; and it is this  the “logic” that guided all consultations made in preparing for this Assembly. This preparatory work has brought to the surface questions, challenges and demands that show the vitality of the life of the Focolare people.

Matters that have emerged in a very particular way are loyalty towards the Movement’s charismatic identity, attention to young people, to the elderly and to families, and the need to look beyond the Movement and move towards the pains of humanity, offering privileged care to those gripped by the most diverse needs. Therefore, here is a call for further action, together with an adequate and updated spiritual formation, in line with the spirituality of communion typical of the charism of the Focolare Movement, so that Jesus himself, present among those united in His name, (cf. Mt 18, 20), may walk in the streets to meet the men and women of today. Contributions from the preparatory work have been summarized into twelve major themes.

During the Assembly these will be discussed by the groups of participants and in plenary sessions so as to direct the Movement in the coming years. After a few days of spiritual retreat and some work, the Assembly will elect the President, the Co-President and the general councillors for the next six years. The participants will be received by Pope Francis  at the Vatican. The General Assembly is the main governing body of the Focolare Movement and ordinarily meets every six years.




  1. Augie Rillera

    Count on my unity and prayers for the great presence of Jesus in the midst who will be the guide for these important moments of the Opera.
    Lining for each one of you in the assembly.

  2. renato

    we are all with you !

  3. Azzolina

    In continua comunione, mi impegno a vivere la mia quoditianità nel valorizzare ogni gesto e con l’attenzione all’altro, favorire la reciprocità di pensieri, intenti e azioni che concretizzino l’unità tra noi.
    Sono con voi nel “vivere e costruire” questa Assemblea!
    Pina Azzolina

  4. Giiovanna

    Grazie per tutto quanto ci avete donato in questi sei anni. Grazie anche per averci resi compartecipi per la preparazione dell’Assemblea.
    Vivo ed offro per questi giorni e chiedo la pienezza dello Spirito Santo.

  5. Umberto Mazzotti

    Offro ogni cosa affinché possiamo ascoltare Sua Voce e poi avere il coraggio di seguire quella voce.
    Grazie a tutti i partecipanti all’assemblea per quanto fate.

  6. Giorgio Pugliese

    anche se non presente fisicamente certamente partecipo con tutta l’anima perché sia un incontro di luce piena e di risposte concrete alle tante domande. Ma sopratutto che sia un’esplosione di comunione.

  7. Dan

    I am praying for the upcoming assembly to receive the light of the Holy Spirit through the intersession of Jesus in our Midst and Our Blessed Mother to remain faithful to spirituality of Chiara. Here on earth, mutual love has taken us through the preparatory work and now is the time to act on those inspirations. Let’s pray that the decisions of the assembly are in line with the will of God and that we remain on that path with Jesus Forsaken as the wind under our wings.

  8. giovanni

    ecco il momento più importante: che da tutte le nazioni giunga e si intensifichi il contributo di vita che attira la Sua presenza di Luce per l’orientamento dei prossimi sei anni. Io ci sono!

  9. Monica

    Mi fa piacere trovare sul sito l'”annuncio” dell’assemblea per la quale da mesi stiamo pregando e vivendo! In unità con tutti voi, affinchè lo Spirito Santo vi accompagni per mano in questi importanti avvenimenti.

    • Fotoh Paul

      We are part of history living these moments after Chiara. Its six years that Emmaus and Giancarlo brilliantly moved the complex organisation of the focolare ahead. We pray for more light to grow stronger in unity for the next six years. Thanks Emmaus and Giancarlo.

      • Djiré Dominique

        Ciao Carissimi/e siamo tutti con voi e offriamo tutto perchè sia lo Spirito di Gesù a guidarvi. Sempre in LUI

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