Campus of Global Citizenship – Spring 2015

A day for Italian schools in the international town of Loppiano. Role-play, dialogue and good practice for understanding globalization.

Loppiano_2The idea that young people are “citizens of the world”, or at least that they should be, given that today no nation can live alone, has become almost a cliché; and exactly because of this it is important that children receive the right formation, so as to be “capable of a look, a feeling or an action that embraces whoever passes us by or is unknown to us because far away, but never anonymous. Therefore, citizens of their own city, their own country and at the same time citizens of the world, capable of “Loving the homeland of others as their own.'” This is how AMU – Action for a United World – defines being “citizens of the world”, which again this year, for the sixth time, offers 1st and 2nd year students of Italian secondary schools the opportunity to participate in the Campus of global citizenship.

LoppianoThe initiative will take place in the international town of Loppiano, Incisa Valdarno (Florence – Italy), over the course of a day between April and May 2015, and is addressed to all students accompanied by their teachers. The goal is to give young people an awareness of the meaning and importance of active citizenship, of being builders of a civil society, and to contribute to a multi-ethnic and intercultural educational experience, thanks also to the context in which the campus takes place: Loppiano, in fact, hosts people of all ages and from every continent, who have come to Tuscany to live out in every day life – it is in fact a city like any other, with schools, offices, businesses, and so on – that ideal of universal brotherhood proposed by the Focolare Movement. Therefore a place in which to experience diversity as richness, and the encounter with what is ‘different’, not as a threat but as an opportunity for exchange and sharing.

The underlying theme of the day will be globalization: through simulation games, workshops and opportunities for dialogue the students will get to know the ups and downs of this process, the dynamics of the relationships between the various countries of the world, best practices for supportive and sustainable lifestyles, and experiences taken directly from those who have lived in this way. From there they will start to develop and propose practical projects to be carried out in the day-to-day life of their own cities.

Interested schools are requested to contact the Education for Development (EAS) office of AMU by 31 December to agree on the didactic programme, so as to make it as consistent as possible with the course followed during the school year.

Organizing Secretariat: Via Frascati, 342 – Rocca di Papa (RM) Tel. 06-94792170





  1. Liria

    Repassaremos essas experiências aos nossos jovens para que possam adquirir um olhar mais vasto sobre o que acontece pelo mundo do focolare e continuem desejosos de contribuir para a realização do mundo unido

  2. Ana Claudia Neila

    ¡FELICIDADES! me gustaria participar de alguna manera. Que DIOS LOS BENDIGA Y LA VIRGEN LOS PROTEJAN SIEMPRE. Con Jesus en medio Ana

  3. María Inés

    Muy bueno !
    Me interesa estar más informada de los programas y sus contenidos.
    Estoy intentando incidir en buenas prácticas que garanticen la sostenibilidad y solidaridad, desde mi trabajo con jardines maternales en la ciudad de Buenos Aires.
    Educando a la construcción del conocimiento colectivo a los adultos que cuidan a los niños más pequeños. 45 días a 4 años


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