Cop21: solar kitchens for Haiti

The project, “Solar Kitchens for Mont-Organisé,” of the AFNonlus at the World Climate Conference in Paris, is among the best “100 Italian Energy Stories” of Enel and the Symbola Foundation.

un_forno_solare_ottimo_esempio_di_tecnologia_appropriata_2007_imagelargeThe Solar kitchen project for Mont-Organisé (Haiti) «was conceived due to the desire to help Haiti counter its social and environmental crisis related to deforestation, through the introduction of kitchens powered by solar energy. This device is based on solar energy concentration that generates thermal energy from the sunlight passed through a lens. The energy is amassed in a thermal “battery” that can withhold the heat for 20 hours, thus enabling cooking to be done also at night. The materials chosen to make the kitchens are sustainable and biodegradable, and the device obviously does not require fuel, explained the report drafted in view of the climate conference in Paris (30 November – 11 December 2015). It is dedicated to a series of excellent experiences in the Italian electrical supply chain to produce or optimise energy without emissions. The project, in fact, was singled out from the “100 Italian energy stories” of Enel and the Symbola Foundation.

The Solar Kitchens project for Mont-Organisé (Haiti) was presented last 4 July at the Expo 2015 in Milan by AFNonlus, in collaboration with the National Microcredit Agency, the Federico II University of the Agricultural Dept. of Naples, Tesla IA Ltd. and PACNE ONG. It has now landed in the World Climate Conference (Cop21) of Paris, where political leaders and experts of 190 countries are involved in delineating a programme that can save the planet.

«The climate challenge which from 30 November to 11 December will see the world gathered in Paris for the COP21, does not only regard the environment,» the Report underlined, but «is a geopolitical, technological, economic and social challenge. It is a challenge for the future, which we can overcome if we firmly undertake a green economy, and clean and efficient energy.”
Enel and Symbola recount a new course consisting of innovation and quality, and research and competitiveness in the search for the ”100 Italian Energy Stories.” It is a programme for sustainable energy undertaken in our country [Italy] by enterprises, research agencies and associations.»

AFNonlus (Association of Action for New Families non-profit org.) was inspired by the principles of the Focolare Movement which has been operating for over 30 years in 50 countries to support the disadvantaged families and children through projects of cooperation for development.



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