Happy birthday, Pope Benedict!

The Focolare Movement expresses its gratitude to Pope Benedict XVI for his life that has been totally dedicated to the Church and humanity, with a special edition of the New Humanity Journal.

NU_225Joseph Ratzinger was born 90 years ago, on April 16, in Marktl am Inn, a country town of Bavaria. The 1927 calendar marks Holy Saturday as the day of his birth but, in 2017, his birthday is celebrate on Easter Sunday.

The Focolare extends its best wishes to Benedict XVI for all that he has meant to it, to the Church and to humankind.

As an expression of our affection and gratitude, the New Humanity Journal has already dedicated the Focus of its 25th edition to him. Compiled by Declan O’Byrne, the Focus section includes scholars such as Piero Coda, Stefano Zamagni and Antonio Bergamo who explore the theological, anthropological and social ethical dimensions of Benedict’s thinking.

In a Church where often artificial conflicts arise between supporters of one or another ecclesial view, the New Humanity Journal dedicated to Benedict XVI presents a contribution by Brendan Leahy, Bishop of Limerick Ireland, on the need for a single synodal approach.

The artuckes are in the process of being translated and will soon appear in other Focolare publications.



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