Living the Gospel: “I’ll always be with you”

The hope of this promise encourages us to seek God in our lives to discovery where He wants to meet us.

20170505-01Trusting in God
“At the news that I was expecting twins, we entrusted ourselves to God. We already had six children and my husband wasn’t earning much. One day, a friend of mine, also pregnant, was undergoing some economic difficulties. I gave her some of my children’s things. A few days after, I received a gift of two beautiful and valuable baby-care kits from my aunt. Furthermore, just after the birth of the twins, my husband got a promotion with a remarkable salary increase. This encouraged us to always trust in God.” A.M. – Brazil

A small light
“It is a confusing and problematic period at home. There are days when at times  I experience moments of darkness and abandonment. But a mother like me should not give up: what matters is to love my family the way I am. I am not alone! I saw that only through detachment from ourselves, and taking Mary as a model can make us progress. I started to live this way and God sent me a small light. If I continue to be guided by love, this light will grow and God will make it shine for all”. Margrit – Switzerland

From the diary of a terminally ill person
“I am deeply convinced that the Lord loves us always whether he consoles us or puts us to the test, to fulfil His masterpiece in us in a short time. With the passing of time, many useless things have happened in my life, like dead leaves in autumn. And now between Him and me, there is a more direct relationship, without intermediaries. For some years now, new health trials have begun. Recently a more serious one came up, for which a remedy still has not been found. It seems that my life is entering into a narrow passage. But at the same time I feel that God is closer to me and that my days are in His hands.” Filippo – Italy

An old paralysed religious
“Ever since I was struck by a paralysis in my lower limbs a few years ago, I have had to fight the temptation of feeling that I have been left on a ‘dead-end track’. Now I depend on others for all my needs. The world for me has become a room, and I have to entrust myself to faith to give a meaning to my life and discover its value. It’s true that, given my conditions, I can no longer influence the near and far events. However, I have this marvellous adventure to live. All can be an occasion for praise, thanks, prayer, and offering. Also Jesus on the cross no longer worked miracles or announced the Kingdom, but continued to love, and on the other hand, manifested a greater and purer love. Being motionless does not signify stagnation.” Fr Vittorio – Italy



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