Gospel living: “Now I send you”

The Word of Life to put in practice this month invites us to continue Jesus’ mission by living for others. Following are some experiences of sharing and openness.


“It was almost lunchtime when a man knocked on the door of the parish to schedule a baptism. Since he wasn’t a parishioner, I had some questions. His situation was complex: his partner had given birth to his son, but his sister was the one who insisted that the child be baptized. I tried to take down his details quickly and said goodbye. As we were going out, I thought that I had treated him in too hurried a way. Having his address, and without thinking too much, I went to visit him, in an apartment that was very much in disarray. He was surprised and even alarmed: were there problems with the baptism? I reassured him that it was only to check that I had gotten down all the details. He and his partner opened up and invited me to join them for a modest lunch. So I got to know about people who are somewhat excluded, but above all it was a reminder of my only right: to be of service to others.”

(K.L. – Poland)

Testing ground

“I manage a gift shop in a popular part of the city. For me, every person who comes into the store is more than a customer. I consider the relationship important, beyond the fact that I need to make a sale. There are some who come at times to confide their problems. I listen, and if I can, try to tell them mine. My father makes fun of me a bit, saying, ‘It seems more like a confessional than a shop.’ The fact is, for me work is a testing ground for my being Christian.”

(Rachele – Italy)


“I work as the superintendent for two buildings, where people used to know each other only by their last names. Looking for chances to build relationships, I started telling a couple about life in the parish. The husband, despite not being a churchgoer, appreciated the gesture. I met someone from Thailand who thanked me by giving me chocolates. I then invited everyone to a barbecue: it was a successful evening that we repeated other times as well. Every once in a while I’d offer people returning from work a cup of coffee. These were simple gestures, but little by little some people felt they could confide in me more personal things. Like the tenant who considered prayer a waste of time. When I promised him to pray for him, he answered, ‘No one has ever spoken to me like this before now. I won’t forget it.’ An Italian couple, who were moving back to their country, before leaving invited all their neighbors to try some Italian specialties.”

(Maria Rosa – Switzerland)


“Coming out of school, I came across a dog on the sidewalk who was opening and destroying bags of garbage in search of food. I kept walking without thinking much of it, but something inside of me urged me to do something for others. Even though I was embarrassed, I went back and put the bags where they belonged. I had just turned the corner when I saw the garbage truck coming in the distance. I was happy because in our area it sometimes happens that the garbage collectors don’t pick everything up if they find things a mess.”

(M. B. – Argentina)



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