The Holy Spirit: the unknown God

At the time of the Feast of Pentecost, we offer the following reflections by Chiara Lubich (1920-2008). Città Nuova published them in the book “La vita, un viaggio” [Life is a Journey]

 Pentecost-a“The Holy Spirit can do incredible things! Just look at the Apostles! Jesus had founded the Church on the cross, yet they were bewildered, hesitant and scared, hiding behind locked doors.

Then the Holy Spirit came down upon them, and filled them with courage. They went out into the streets and squares, and spoke with such fire, that people thought they were drunk. Later, they bravely faced persecution and set out to bring the Good News to the whole world.

This is just one important example of what the Holy Spirit can do – not to mention all that he has done in the Church throughout her twenty centuries of life: miracu­lous outpourings of light, grace, transformation, and re­newal. Think of the Councils, and of the various spiritual movements he raised up, always at just the right moment….

Look at the Focolare. Even in our own small way, didn’t something of this sort happen to us, because of the fact that the Holy Spirit bestowed one of his charisms on us? Before this happened to change our lives, weren’t we just like all those people who don’t see beyond their own neighbourhood, whose thoughts and affections are limited almost exclusively to the small circle of their family? … If, to a greater or lesser degree, things around us have changed for the better, this is the work of the Holy Spirit, who renews the face of the earth. Yes, for his task is to instil drive and motivation; to enable grace – the divine life Jesus has obtained for us – to be at work in our lives; to give us strength and courage. Since we owe him so much, he should hold a much more prominent place in our spiritual lives. … May this thought shed light on our path in the days ahead: Let’s honour the Holy Spirit, by loving, respect­ing, and serving every neighbour. (15/9/1983)

«Is the Holy Spirit in us? Does he speak to our heart? Let’s become attentive and assiduous pupils of this great Teacher. Let’s pay great attention to his mysterious and very delicate signs. Let’s not let any of what might be his inspirations come in vain … Let’s remember that the ideas that come to the mind of a person who has set out to love are often inspirations of the Holy Spirit. Why does he give us them? For our good and for the good of the world through us, so that we can take forward our revolution of love.

Pay attention then, every idea, especially if we think it could be an inspiration, let’s feel that it is a responsibility, to take hold of and act upon. By doing this we will have found the best way of loving, honouring and thanking the Holy Spirit. (1/9/1983)

Chiara Lubich, da LA VITA UN VIAGGIO – Città Nuova, 1984, pagg. 125-128



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