The Ones With The White Wrist Bands

A pact for remembering to give the best of yourself to everyone at every moment. The proposal of the Teens for Unity in Italy.

teens 2Who like me, while wanting to give the best of themselves, has found it a little difficult  at times? We wanted to treat the people around us well, but we spoke badly; we wanted to help, but our egoism got in the way.

That’s why several of my friends and I came up with a solution. It all began with two of us who were finding it hard to always give the best of themselves, and they realized they needed to find a way to support one another’s efforts, since it’s easier to love and respect others when you know that there’s someone else on your side that’s trying to do the same. A “pact” was beginning to be born that would help each of us to be more constant with the challenge of giving the best of ourselves in our relationships with other people. But that promise didn’t end with us. In fact, they told others about it, and those people found themselves in the same predicament.

teens 3At that point we took the promise too, and really put our selves into it. We even found a “sign” that would help ut remember the daily “pact” and that would support us: a wristband of white twine. We interiorized the “pact” and made it part of our life. Since it helped us so much, we decided to spread it around the city, telling everyone we knew about our experience with it.

This set off a chain reaction and the  news about the “pact” began to spread all over Italy. In recent months we’ve received so many pictures and expriences of people who have accepted the challenge; so now we’d like to invite everyone who would be interested to put on a white wristband and take the challenge with us.

If you’d like more information, or would like to tell us about yourself , the good things that have happened when you tried to give the best of yourself in every moment, write to us at:

Some of your testimonies will be published in our Teens Magazine.

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