Living the Gospel: Recognising the greatness of the Creator

The Word invites us to become messengers of benevolence and reconcilement.

PdV 2New flowering
“As Christians, my wife and I decided to adopt two sisters. Unfortunately, due to bad company, both have ended up in the drug cycle. Since then, a Calvary began for us: abortions, undesired children, problems with the law. We undertook to make our home a place of peace where they are welcomed. Now, the elder one is slowly recovering and not only wants to take care of her baby girl but also the son of her sister who is still in the drug tunnel. We are witnessing life blooming again.” (M and D. H. – Switzerland)

An innocent absolved
«I am a lawyer by profession. Some months ago I took the defence of a Sudanese citizen accused of being a transporter of immigrants and even a member of a criminal organization. He was seen at the helm of a boat that was transporting 119 migrants, among which were women and children. In the interviews held with him in jail, I realized that he was a refugee like the others, and had been abandoned by the transporter, and had taken the courage to take the helm of the boat despite his lack of experience, to save himself along with the others. Unfortunately they did not believe his recount. On taking the defence of this youth’s suffering, I decided to demonstrate his innocence despite the fact that, due to his poverty, he couldn’t have paid my fees. Of course, I could have made use of the sponsorship of the State, which however, does not always pay and if ever, the payments are inadequate. But he was a brother, and during the trial I did my best to defend him. In the end, he was absolved.” (S. – Italy)

The “agreement”
«As always, dad had drunk more than necessary and there was tension at home. Since nobody said a word, I took the courage, and looking him straight in the eye, told him of the suffering and dismay he was causing us due to his vice. Then also the other brothers spoke up. Things then changed and in the family a sort of agreement was made and now dad is doing his best to be faithful to his promise not to drink. Closing our eyes had not been a way of helping him, and we had to tell him the truth, with love. And together we succeeded.” (N.N. – South America)

A son’s gratitude
«As time passes my gratitude towards my mom grows. After dad had abandoned us, she had continued to work hard so that we, the four children, wouldn’t lack in anything. One day she went to the funeral of her brother-in-law and returned with an eight-month-old baby in her arms. Her sister was not in the condition to care for him. This was how we were raised. I think that the goodness which now reigns in our families is a fruit of the grandeur of my mother, who did not think of herself, but always of the others.” (C. A. – Poland)



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