Gen Verde: Tours in Germany

9 September 2017 - 25 September 2017
For the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation.

Gen Verde’s contribution to the historical celebration.

We were truly delighted to receive an invitation to perform at the Jubilee of the
Reformation celebration in Stadthagen. Here we come with our concert On the Other Side!

It also has given us the opportunity to return to Germany after many years. In the month of September we will be in Boppard with our Upfront and Unplugged acoustic concert. And in Dortmund, Duderstadt and Mannheim with our Start Now Project.

These are all opportunities to meet many people and to invite them to be protagonists all together in showing how we can look at the world from “the Other Side”: the side of those who believe in and live for unity.

And to all the others: follow us at