Another earthquake in Mexico


Last night, only two weeks following the previous earthquake, the Aztec country was again hit by a powerful earthquake (7.1 on the Richter Scale). At present there are 217 casualties, 117 of which were in the capital, but this figure is unfortunately expected to rise. Twenty-six children and 4 adults lost their lives when a school collapsed in the South-Eastern part of ​​Mexico City. Although 11 children have been rescued, about thirty children and some adults need to be lifted from the rubble. Many buildings are destroyed and at least 4 million people remain without electricity. 72 victims are recorded in the state of Morelos and 43 in Puebla, where the little town of the Focolare, “Mariápolis El Diamante”, is located. “We were at table when we felt the strong earthquake. So far no members of our Focolare community in Puebla have been effected by the earthquake. We are all fine,” they said. Many countries in the region and the world have offered solidarity.

“In this moment of great suffering, I wish to show my solidarity with all the people of Mexico,” Pope Francis said in his heartfelt appeal during the General Audience.




  1. giuseppe di stefano

    la comunita’ di como e’ vicina alla comunita’ messicana colpita dal sisma,e preghiamo per tutti coloro che hanno perso la vita e i loro famigliari e al popolo messicano condividiamo il loro dolore..