Klaus Hemmerle: “The World in Our Heart and in Our Mind”

In the midst of divisions and conflicts, Klaus Hemmerle’s vision of a more “human” world is quite timely and illuminating.
Bishop Klaus Hemmerle

“The world is getting closer and closer, it’s becoming more and more one. But it’s not enough for it to draw closer only from an economic, technological and political point of view: what we are really in need of is a common spirit, through which everybody – all together – can create the world’s destiny. A spirit that overcomes isolation is needed, one that overcomes mass, soulless collectivism.

This is the spirit that the Gospel provides. God himself became our brother, and made us brothers and sisters to each other. The heartbeat of this world made new, can only be one thing: the New Commandment of Jesus: Love one another as I have loved you.” (From an interview, December, 1977)

“The primary interest of Christians should be the building up of a more humane world, not only with people who share their ideals, but also with those who are responsible for the running of the world.” (From a conference, November 17, 1978)

“If I consider your country to be as important to me as my own, if I consider your culture as valuable to me as my own, I will be paving the way for Jesus to have a determining role in the world. We won’t be confused by anonymous uniformity. We’ll keep the other [person] upmost in our mind and in intent: we’ll have the world in our heart and in our mind. Then we will live in a world that is one, a world in which we will never find ourselves drowning in an existence that is neutral and banal. The world itself will be more united and diverse at the same time.” (From Der Himmel ist zwischen uns, p 93)

“The places where we live don’t have to become well-equipped cells of some gigantesque prison dressed as a grand hotel. They should become places of encounter where people can expect and welcome other people, even more, places  where they can expect and receive God.” (From an article, December 1973)

Klaus Hemmerle,La luce dentro le cose”, (Rome: Città Nuova ,1998) 286, 287; 300, 282)



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