Spain. #I’mDialogue


In front of the situation that has been created in Catalonia, the Focolare Movement in Spain has launched a communiqué through which one commits to living a culture of dialogue, “a powerful tool that makes interests in others possible, entering into the reality they live, to know it, accept it and, inasmuch as possible, comprehend it. We consider plurality a positive challenge and enormous value.” Many initiatives are being promoted to solicit dialogue, especially with the political class. “We strongly support them, because we consider them to be signs of a mature democratic society that wagers on reconciliation.”

The Focolare Movement in Spain simultaneously proposes a collection of signatures, in which the whole world can take part, with the goal of finding a path to peaceful coexistence in diversity, and the acknowldgement of the human dignity of every person and institution that represents them. It is a campaign of sensitization and commitment on the social network, under the hashtag #SoyDiálogo, which invites one and all to become active promotors of listening, respect, dialogue and peaceful actions.