Strife in English-speaking Cameroon


The clashes have started again and the tension is high. On 22 September and 1 October the army suppressed the peaceful demonstrations, killing and wounding some of the protesters who were asking for the independence of the British-speaking regions.  That same day in the Northwest and Southwest Regions (inhabited by an English minority, 20 % of Cameroon’s population), once again internet was cut off.

The “English-speaking issue” is well rooted in the past. In October 2016, the English-speaking population had started to hold organized protests against its progressive marginalisation. After months of tensions and accusations of discrimination, violent repressions followed, with real guerilla actions.

Fr. Antonio Mascia writes from Fontem: “This is a delicate and uncertain time from the socio-political point of view, and we do not know where it will lead to. In various cities, soldiers of the army shot at the crowd that was peacefully demonstrating and many people were arrested. We are counting on your prayers.”




  1. Dorinha Luna

    La nostra unità e preghiera per questo popolo a noi molto caro. Che la Madonna aiuti a trovare strade per la pace.


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