Rights of the Child World Day


Childrens-DayOn 20 November 1959 the UN General Assembly adopted the Declaration of the Rights of the Child and approved in 1989, the International Convention on the rights of infants and adolescents.  Based on the harmonization of different cultural and juridical experiences, the Convention enunciated for the first time, and in a coherent way, the fundamental rights to be recognized and guaranteed for all the children of the world.

The document stated the four key issues: the lack of denunciation, greater interest, life and survival and development, and lastly, listening in all the decision-making processes.

The Convention also provides for a control mechanism on the work of the States that have to present a periodic report on its implementation in their territories.

According to UNICEF, every year millions of children continue to be victims of violence, abuse, abandonment, exploitation, wars and discrimination.

A lot has been done, but still more must be done to achieve a concrete application of these principles.