Human Rights Day


December 11, 1948 was universally proclaimed Human Rights Day.

Since then, on the same day every year this Declaration is commemorated, as adopted by the Human Rights Commission of the U.N. headed in those times by Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of the United States President, Franklin D. Roosevelt, to call attention to the importance and defense of the dignity of the human person.

The document is a sort of censorship between the era prior to 1948, in which the indignation for the iniquities of the world was entrusted to some sporadic event, and the following era in which for the first time, the need to counter inequality in all the States of the world was firmly recognised.

The recognition of the validity of such a Charter and the literal application of the 30 articles, would obliterate the following from our corrupt society: slavery, torture, racism, violence of all sorts, abuse of minors, man’s exploitation of man, and also impoverishment, abuse and pollution of environmental resources.