Christmas in Russia


ChristmasRussiaThe Orthodox Christmas is celebrated on January 7th, nine months after the Annunciation to the Virgin Mary. This date corresponds to December 25 in the Julian calendar. The feast of Christmas is preceded by a period of fasting for 40 days, starting on November 27th.

After the revolution of 1917 and until the nineties, Christmas was no longer celebrated in Russia. In its place New Year celebrations were introduced, with the tree and Santa Claus, Ded Moroz in Russian, literally ‘Father Frost’.”

According to custom, Christmas Eve is known by the name of “Sočelnik“, because of the food called sočivo, which consists of fruit and boiled corn, the only food allowed on that day. Fasting lasts until the evening, and is not broken until the Christmas hymn is sung. Then a candle is lit, symbolizing the star of Bethlehem, and this marks the end of the fast.

Merry Christmas! С РОЖДЕСТВОМ.



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