Balance sheet of gen 4 initiatives


MontaggioArticoloHSG3EnA letter of thanks was sent to the gen4 worldwide, with the publication of the balance statement of the initiative “They’ve dislodged Jesus,” undertaken each year by the children of the Focolare Movement during the Christmas season. Last Christmas, thanks to the offers gathered by the sales of the chalk statues of “babes” portraying Baby Jesus, the gen4 with the support of the adults and in some cases also of local institutions, collected 3,627.60 euro that were allocated to eight projects in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Argentina, Burundi, Uganda and Syria. In addition to this, a donation was allocated to medical care, foodstuffs and schooling material for four projects in the Central African Republic, Cameroon, Egypt and Iraq. What comes to the fore, beyond the figures, is the “culture of giving” from which the gen4 draw inspiration.



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