Mary and the Church

Mary played a particular role in accompanying Jesus throughout his entire journey, from her “yes” at the Annunciation, to the “yes” at the foot of the Cross. In this way she became the Mother of the entire Church.
Mosaic by Paolo Scirpa (International Centre of the Focolare Movement, Rocca di Papa, Italy)

The Virgin Mary, […] is recognised and honoured as the true mother of God and the Redeemer. Redeemed in such a sublime way in view of the merits of her Son to whom she was united by a strict and indissoluble bond, she is honoured with the highest role and dignity as mother of the Son of God, and thus, favourite daughter of the Father and temple of the Holy Spirit. Due to this gift of eminent grace she surpasses by far all the other celestial and earthly creatures.” (Lumen Gentium, 53)

She shines among the humble and poor of the Lord, who faithfully await and receive salvation from him.” (Lumen Gentium, 54)

The blessed Virgin pursued her journey of faith and faithfully preserved her union with the Son up to the cross, where by a divine plan she suffered deeply with her only Son and with maternal love, associated herself with his sacrifice…” (Lumen Gentium, 58)

“The love and veneration of the Mother of God is the soul of orthodox piety, its heart which warms and vivifies the whole body. Orthodox Christianity is life in Christ and in communion with his purest Mother […] love for Christ cannot be disjointed from love for the Mother of God […] Whoever does not venerate Mary does not even know Christ, and faith in Christ which does not include veneration for the Mother of God, is another faith, another Christianity from that of the Church.” (S. Bulgakov: Orthodox, p. 356)

In Mary, the ’yes’ of the entire humanity is present, and this unconditional ’yes’ is a cup which is offered, gathered and transmitted. So she who lived the hour of God, pronounced several times her ’yes’ of acceptance, and carried the Word in her being, is now Mother of mercy, Health of the sick and Refuge of sinners, Queen of the apostles and of peace, Mother of all of us and living image of the Church.” (Klaus Hemmerle, Chosen for mankind, p. 156)



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